Magic Hat Photographer: Blog en-us Magic Hat Productions (Magic Hat Photographer) Wed, 04 Oct 2017 15:18:00 GMT Wed, 04 Oct 2017 15:18:00 GMT Magic Hat Photographer: Blog 111 120 A Beauty Shoot with Samar Ali Samar Ali from Grangetown decided to do a Beauty shoot with us at our studio in Cardiff. She arrived with a friend who was very supportive and helpful during our shoot. Took us 15 mins to do a set of different poses in first outfit and another 15 minutes in the second outfit. We showed her final Photographs on the big screen that got her so excited that she asked for all unedited photos straight away. 

We sent her all the photos straight to her mobile through our Mobile App. She left the studio happy but we thought we can make these photographs little bit better by using photoshop, even though she didn't ask for it. I believe as photographers it's our job to do the justice with every photograph we take and do them as good as they can be. So, I took three of my favourite Photographs and edited them in Photoshop. Took me around 20 minutes to edit and send them to Samar. Received a text straight away that she didn't expect them to be that good. Sometimes, clients don't know how better a photograph can be but we photographers do.


Below are some of the Photographs from the session. First three photos are edited using photoshop.

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Comic Con at Motorpoint Arena Cardiff I have always wondered why people spend so much time and effort and money to dress up as their favourite movie or game characters. I've seen people spending months on their fantasy outfits and thought WHY? So yesterday I decided to go to my first Comic-Con held in Motorpoint Arena Cardiff to understand the phenomena. I went with a sceptical view but came back a believer, to say the least. 

Some people admit they got involved in dressing up out of a love of costume design. However, others confessed to taking part for some attention for themselves. The idea that I can not only be Batman for a day but also act and feel like him in the real world (apart from driving Bat Mobile of course), and everyone around me would treat me such is a very satisfying experience.

I met some really amazing people who were from all walks of life and came together for the love of cosplay. As so many like-minded gathers in the same venue, it's very common that they find love for each other through such events.

All and all, I loved the atmosphere, the vibe and the positive energy at the venue and in the town centre. I would highly recommend to anyone wondering, to go there at least once and see for yourself.


Here are some Photographs I took outside Motorpoint Arena Cardiff.


Comic Con Cardiff-7994Comic Con Cardiff-7994 Comic Con Cardiff-7995Comic Con Cardiff-7995 Comic Con Cardiff-7997Comic Con Cardiff-7997 Comic Con Cardiff-7998Comic Con Cardiff-7998 Comic Con Cardiff-7999Comic Con Cardiff-7999 Comic Con Cardiff-8001Comic Con Cardiff-8001 Comic Con Cardiff-8003Comic Con Cardiff-8003 Comic Con Cardiff-8004Comic Con Cardiff-8004 Comic Con Cardiff-8006Comic Con Cardiff-8006 Comic Con Cardiff-8007Comic Con Cardiff-8007 Comic Con Cardiff-8008Comic Con Cardiff-8008 Comic Con Cardiff-8009Comic Con Cardiff-8009 Comic Con Cardiff-8010Comic Con Cardiff-8010 Comic Con Cardiff-8011Comic Con Cardiff-8011 Comic Con Cardiff-8012Comic Con Cardiff-8012 Comic Con Cardiff-8013Comic Con Cardiff-8013 Comic Con Cardiff-8014Comic Con Cardiff-8014 Comic Con Cardiff-8015Comic Con Cardiff-8015 Comic Con Cardiff-8016Comic Con Cardiff-8016 Comic Con Cardiff-8017Comic Con Cardiff-8017 Comic Con Cardiff-8018Comic Con Cardiff-8018 Comic Con Cardiff-8019Comic Con Cardiff-8019 Comic Con Cardiff-8020Comic Con Cardiff-8020 Comic Con Cardiff-8021Comic Con Cardiff-8021 Comic Con Cardiff-8022Comic Con Cardiff-8022 Comic Con Cardiff-8023Comic Con Cardiff-8023 Comic Con Cardiff-8024Comic Con Cardiff-8024 Comic Con Cardiff-8025Comic Con Cardiff-8025 Comic Con Cardiff-8026Comic Con Cardiff-8026 Comic Con Cardiff-8027Comic Con Cardiff-8027 Comic Con Cardiff-8028Comic Con Cardiff-8028 Comic Con Cardiff-8029Comic Con Cardiff-8029 Comic Con Cardiff-8030Comic Con Cardiff-8030 Comic Con Cardiff-8031Comic Con Cardiff-8031 Comic Con Cardiff-8032Comic Con Cardiff-8032 Comic Con Cardiff-8033Comic Con Cardiff-8033 Comic Con Cardiff-8035Comic Con Cardiff-8035 Comic Con Cardiff-8036Comic Con Cardiff-8036 Comic Con Cardiff-8037Comic Con Cardiff-8037 Comic Con Cardiff-8038Comic Con Cardiff-8038 Comic Con Cardiff-8039Comic Con Cardiff-8039 Comic Con Cardiff-8040Comic Con Cardiff-8040 Comic Con Cardiff-8041Comic Con Cardiff-8041 Comic Con Cardiff-8042Comic Con Cardiff-8042 Comic Con Cardiff-8043Comic Con Cardiff-8043 Comic Con Cardiff-8044Comic Con Cardiff-8044 Comic Con Cardiff-8045Comic Con Cardiff-8045 Comic Con Cardiff-8047Comic Con Cardiff-8047 Comic Con Cardiff-8048Comic Con Cardiff-8048 Comic Con Cardiff-8049Comic Con Cardiff-8049 Comic Con Cardiff-8050Comic Con Cardiff-8050 Comic Con Cardiff-8051Comic Con Cardiff-8051 Comic Con Cardiff-8052Comic Con Cardiff-8052 Comic Con Cardiff-8053Comic Con Cardiff-8053 Comic Con Cardiff-8054Comic Con Cardiff-8054 Comic Con Cardiff-8055Comic Con Cardiff-8055 Comic Con Cardiff-8056Comic Con Cardiff-8056 Comic Con Cardiff-8058Comic Con Cardiff-8058 Comic Con Cardiff-8059Comic Con Cardiff-8059 Comic Con Cardiff-8060Comic Con Cardiff-8060 Comic Con Cardiff-8061Comic Con Cardiff-8061 Comic Con Cardiff-8062Comic Con Cardiff-8062 Comic Con Cardiff-8063Comic Con Cardiff-8063 Comic Con Cardiff-8064Comic Con Cardiff-8064 Comic Con Cardiff-8065Comic Con Cardiff-8065 Comic Con Cardiff-8066Comic Con Cardiff-8066 Comic Con Cardiff-8067Comic Con Cardiff-8067 Comic Con Cardiff-8068Comic Con Cardiff-8068 Comic Con Cardiff-8069Comic Con Cardiff-8069 Comic Con Cardiff-8071Comic Con Cardiff-8071 Comic Con Cardiff-8072Comic Con Cardiff-8072 Comic Con Cardiff-8074Comic Con Cardiff-8074 Comic Con Cardiff-8075Comic Con Cardiff-8075 Comic Con Cardiff-8076Comic Con Cardiff-8076 Comic Con Cardiff-8077Comic Con Cardiff-8077 Comic Con Cardiff-8078Comic Con Cardiff-8078 Comic Con Cardiff-8079Comic Con Cardiff-8079 Comic Con Cardiff-8081Comic Con Cardiff-8081 Comic Con Cardiff-8084Comic Con Cardiff-8084 Comic Con Cardiff-8085Comic Con Cardiff-8085 Comic Con Cardiff-8086Comic Con Cardiff-8086 Comic Con Cardiff-8087Comic Con Cardiff-8087 Comic Con Cardiff-8088Comic Con Cardiff-8088 Comic Con Cardiff-8090Comic Con Cardiff-8090 Comic Con Cardiff-8092Comic Con Cardiff-8092 Comic Con Cardiff-8093Comic Con Cardiff-8093 Comic Con Cardiff-8095Comic Con Cardiff-8095 Comic Con Cardiff-8096Comic Con Cardiff-8096 Comic Con Cardiff-8097Comic Con Cardiff-8097 Comic Con Cardiff-8098Comic Con Cardiff-8098 Comic Con Cardiff-8099Comic Con Cardiff-8099 Comic Con Cardiff-8107Comic Con Cardiff-8107 Comic Con Cardiff-8108Comic Con Cardiff-8108

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Hina The Young Bride on her Wedding Day Being a wedding photographer is not just about taking photos. I will help you to make sure you and your partner look at your best in each and every photograph. Most of us don’t have much experience in posing, but believe it or not, it’s actually not that difficult! Wedding photography has really changed over the last few years. Now with all the modern equipment and a lot of creativity, it has been taken to a whole new level. I love finding true emotions and I believe they are the key photographs. Real interactions and natural moments are what every wedding photographer surrey should be looking for. They only last for a split second and it feels absolutely amazing to make them last forever! Those are the photos that tell the real story.

Such a lovely couple Hina and Rahman, we had so much fun shooting this wedding at County Hall Cardiff. And as always I presented them with more photos than they expected. That's because I set up my lights in every corner of the hall to make sure every shot I take is a Hit as I can't afford to miss any moment. 

Full Gallery can be seen here

Creative bridal fashion photos

Cardiff contemporary wedding photography

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Hina The Young Bride The focus of my approach has always been about capturing moments as they naturally happen, without direction or influence. Wedding are filled with a wide range of emotions and interactions throughout the day that provide an endless amount of moments to capture. Not just the big moments, but also the in-between moments, the moments that go unnoticed by most, but can often be the most powerful. One of the main values of capturing these moments in a photo, is that when you look back in years to come, they refresh your memories of the day and you are reminded of exactly how it felt to be there. Even those that couldn’t be present, like the next generation, can get a feel for what it was like.

A very simple and effective pre-wedding ceremony of Hina and Rahman in Heath, Cardiff was a perfect example of families coming together to celebrate love rather than showing off their fortune.

Full Gallery can be seen here



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My Favourite 2016 Wedding Moments What an amazing year it’s been!

It’s taken me a while to reduce my favourite images from the year to manageable size. There are just so many moments I’d like to share from 2016. That said, I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity and the whole ‘less is more’ approach, so I’ve only featured my absolute favourites. 

I’ve worked with some amazing couples and families right across the UK and Europe this year and I’m continually humbled by the personal moments I get to witness. 

Through my documentary wedding photography I get to relive each and every wedding during this selection process, one of the reasons I find compiling these collections at the end of each year so rewarding. It reminds me of why I do what I do.

To all the lovely brides, grooms and families who have given me the responsibility of photographing for them this year - a very humble thank you. It’s been a genuine privilege to work with each and every one of you.

Here are my absolute favourite few photographs from 2016.

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Latasha at the Docks Lovely Latasha from Newport in her first fashion shoot with Modelling Network and Magic Hat Productions by Cardiff docks.

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Come on Cymru! Latasha wants to wish the boys very good luck for today's game against Ireland. Come on Cymru!

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Trafalgar Square Consider this a teaser for my next blog, "Big city Small city" in which I am going to write about new things I've learnt in my recent visit to London and compare it to Cardiff.

Trafalgar SquareTrafalgar Square London

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Matthew Ashford Today we had Matthew Ashford in our Cardiff bay Studio who is about to graduate in Chemistry from Cardiff University and needed our help to produce some Photographs to put in his job applications. We wish him best of luck as job hunting is quite tough these days.

Matthew Ashford Matthew Ashford Matthew Ashford

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