I am a Photographer, I take Photos and Magic Hat Productions is run by me (Rashid).

Born in Pakistan and shipped to Wales, I am a living proof that there is more to East than The Sun tells us. I spent my early days sitting in front of a computer Graphic Designing for advertisers. Jumped into 3D animation and worked for a TV Broadcaster for a while. I gradually moved on to create art that means something on a personal level. I chose Photography as a form of expression because it allows me to work closely with people and present them in such a light which they never thought possible. 3 years ago I decided to cover Wedding, Portraits and Fashion Shoots. This gives me a chance to meet really amazing people and create natural imagery to preserve memories that will be cherished forever.

I use state of the art Studio equipment in and out of my studio as I refuse to compromise on quality. This means I can walk in the darkest room you can think of and still produce great results.

I also studied Film making at University and currently working on several film projects, corporate videos, promotional videos and business advertisings.

We are based in Cardiff and provide Premium Wedding and Engagement Shoot, Portraiture, Events Coverage and Business Photography and Video Services mainly in South Wales and Bristol area.

I am always up for artistic advice in creative projects. If you would like to find out more just dial 07854528072 to reach me for an informal chat.